Even though we don't have any vacation rentals in Manteo or Roanoke at this time we don't want you to miss out on the fun you can have there! Here are some must when visiting Manteo for the day!

The Lost Colony - one of the oldest mysterious that still has historians scratching their heads and asking why? Don't miss this award-winning performance on what really happened many moons ago to the first English settlers to visit the Outer Banks! 

Roanoke Island Festival Park - Enjoy the historical side of the Outer Banks by witnessing a reenactment of everyday life in one of the first American Colony's. 

Shop Downtown Manteo – Enjoy a variety of local artwork and designs by shopping downtown, swing by the brewery & grab a delicious lunch while strolling this adorable street. 

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse – A replica was built in 2004 to honor the original Light House that once stood their centuries ago, guiding fishermen to the docks.  

Elizabeth II – step aboard this amazing replica of the iconic ship that brought the first settlers to Manteo.

NC Aquarium- Swim with the sharks or enjoy the many marine life displaces like the newly added jellyfish exhibit.

Elizabethan Gardens – This beautiful garden is a sight to behold with breathtaking sculptures, trees, plants, & native flowers blooming all around, there is nothing more beautiful than spending a sunny day here soaking up the fresh air.

Farmers Markets – Don't miss out on the fresh produce and locals arts & crafts at the Saturday Farmers Markets in Manteo.

Island Farm - Step back in time by visiting this living history site on Roanoke Island portraying life in the mid- 1800's. Explore buildings from this era that have been reconstructed, enjoy the animals like sheep, cows, and free-range chickens, and don't forget to grab some figs!

Charter Fishing - this area is known for deep-sea fishing! Don't leave empty-handed and make sure to check out one of the many charter fishing groups that dock out of Wanchese marina or Pirates Cove, if you don't want to catch it but you still want to eat it, this is also a great place to get fresh seafood as well!

Manteo and Roanoke offer a variety of unique shopping boutiques and are always hosting fun events downtown, don't miss visiting this charming area.