Monday Dec 17 was the 115 anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight with “Controlled Power” which is what made them famous. They were not the first to fly, but they were the first to fly with power and control. Our amateur radio club got special permission from the National Park Service to set up some antennas and make radio contact around the world from the National Park. There is a contest some radio amateurs, commonly called Ham Radio Operators, follow to see how many contacts they can make to these special event stations that set up in our National Parks. We did not make many contacts as conditions for communication was poor, but we did make 125 contacts with some being in England, California and Canada. See more about the National Parks here –

Antennas HAM radio

Turtle Watch

The Outer Banks is a rich ecosystem with many valuable components working together. As members of this ecosystem we play an important role in its success! From helping our community grow and flourish to taking care of the current members that need a little extra help. At Joe Lamb Realty we know how important marine life is which is why we strive to keep it healthy and thriving. Recently our Broker in charge rescued a beautiful 110 pound Loggerhead turtle that had beached itself in Corolla, NC and needed a ride. As a long time member of the organization NEST, he followed all protocols and immediately brought this stunning sea creature to the North Carolina Aquarium located in Manteo where there is a rehabilitation center for sea turtles, this center is referred to as STAR center (Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation ).

For all our loyal readers wondering what happened to Larry the lucky Loggerhead here is an update from Joe Lamb Realty’s Broker in charge ” The STAR center is currently evaluating the Loggerhead turtle, he is not yet eating and may have suffered from dehydration but he is in good hands and should be back to a healthy diet soon.”

We would like to encourage all of our readers to visit the STAR center located at the North Carolina Aquarium where they are currently rehabilitating 16 turtles!

Our community on the Outer Banks LOVES it’s marine life and we encourage all of our visitors and new members to jump on board and participate in organization that help to conserve and protect it such as NEST, STAR and even local beach cleanups!

Still craving more information? Take a look at this great article and video posted by the Outer Banks Voice featuring the release of 14 turtles that were recently sent to Norfolk  from the STAR center. These turtles were released into the gulf stream last week by the Coast Guard, check out the Outer Banks Voice: