Preparing yourself and your home for purchase can seem daunting at first. Here, at Joe Lamb Realty, we believe preparation is the key to success in today’s market. Understanding these simple tips can make selling your home that much easier. If you have any questions about this information or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department at 252-261-4444 or email us.


Find out what your house is worth in TODAY’S MARKET. Please click here to submit a request for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS on your home and one of our skilled agents will contact you shortly to begin the process. This is by far the most important step in selling your property by helping to establish fair market value. Performing this step will determine a reasonable list price and what to expect as far as offers from potential buyers and length of time it may take to sell.


Your agent will need to provide other agents and potential buyers with specific information about your house. You will need to locate your survey, elevation certificate, and provide the insurance agency contact information that carries your flood and homeowner’s policies. This is important so that the new buyer can determine whether or not they can assume the policies in place on the property rather than trying to obtain new coverage which can be more expensive. A potential buyer will also want to know what the operating costs are associated with the property such as taxes, maintenance costs, HOA dues (if applicable), utility bills, and gross rental income if the property is rented out weekly or monthly.


Now that you have determined market value and selected an agent to represent you in the sale of your home, it’s time to get dirty! The most helpful tip is to try to see through a potential buyer’s eyes and remember why your property appealed to you when you purchased it. Spruce up linens, clean windows, dust, organize closets, and touch up paint to freshen the space. Try to limit personal items while your property is for sale. You want the buyer to picture themselves in the home enjoying it with their family and friends.


You have selected an agent, determined a list price, prepared the home for sale and gathered all important documents. Now, you have to prepare yourself for the process of selling your home. In North Carolina, we have what is called a due diligence period in our transactions. The due diligence period allows the buyer to make all necessary inspections on the home during a pre-determined time period that both parties agree to. If prior to the pre-determined due diligence period the buyer does not want to move forward with the purchase, he/she can opt out of the transaction at his/her discretion. When the buyer makes an initial offer they may provide you, the seller, with a due diligence fee which is credited to them at closing if they proceed with the transaction. If they opt out, the seller is entitled to the due diligence fee. During the due diligence period, the seller’s agent can and will continue to market and show the property to other potential buyers in case the original buyer opts out. Once the due diligence period is up, and if the buyer wishes to proceed with the transaction, the property officially goes under contract and will no longer be marketed to other potential buyers. Your agent will go through this process in more detail with you before listing your property. This is intended to give you a general overview of that process. Contact an Agent Now >

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