Another good month of statistical data showing that we are moving in the right direction.

The Outer Banks Association of Realtors November 2014 – MLS Statistical Report Summary:
“Residential salesResidential sales have held their own this year – 1446 units sold in 2013 and 2014. However, the good news is that the overall volume sold and the average sales price are up 6%. One of the surprising statistics is that condo sales are up 20% and condo total volume sold is up 23%.
Land sales – Lot / Land sales continue to shine in 2014. Total land sales are up 5%; however, the number of residential lot sales is up 11%.
Commercial sales – Commercial sales have done well this year. The total number of units sold is up 7%; however, the total volume sold is up 61%. Most of this increase is due to the sale of one listing.
Inventory – Inventory for the year is up 3%. The biggest jump was in residential property – up 10%.
Distressed salesAlthough distressed properties make up 6% of our active inventory, sales of distressed properties are down significantly Short sales are down by 42% and Bank Owned property sales are down by 32%.
Foreclosures The number of Dare County foreclosures are at their lowest level (181 units in 2014) since the MLS started collecting data 2011. By comparison, in 2012 there were 327 units foreclosed and in 2013 there were 287 units foreclosed”

See the whole report here:

Outer Banks Association of Realtors October MLS Statistical Year to Date Summary:

Residential sales – Overall, residential sales for the year are up slightly (1%) but when looking at the types of properties that are selling, we notice that condominium unit sales are up 19% with total volume sold up 22%. It should also be noted that the median sales price for condominiums are up 16%. Single Family detached home sales are down by 4%; however, total volume sold is up 3%. It should also be noted that average / median sale prices are both up (7% and 2%).
Lots / Land sales – Lots / Land sales are on the rise with the sale of residential lots up 13% for the year and Total Volume sold up 5%.
Inventory – For the year, residential inventory is up 8% and land inventory is up 7%. Commercial inventory is down by 2%. See full PDF Report

This month, the much anticipated tax revaluation is occurring in both Dare & Currituck counties. North Carolina state law requires that all property be assessed every 8 years or sooner, to re-establish equity among all properties and to equalize the tax burden among all classes of property.  Read more