Outer Banks Association of Realtors October MLS Statistical Year to Date Summary:

Residential sales – Overall, residential sales for the year are up slightly (1%) but when looking at the types of properties that are selling, we notice that condominium unit sales are up 19% with total volume sold up 22%. It should also be noted that the median sales price for condominiums are up 16%. Single Family detached home sales are down by 4%; however, total volume sold is up 3%. It should also be noted that average / median sale prices are both up (7% and 2%).
Lots / Land sales – Lots / Land sales are on the rise with the sale of residential lots up 13% for the year and Total Volume sold up 5%.
Inventory – For the year, residential inventory is up 8% and land inventory is up 7%. Commercial inventory is down by 2%. See full PDF Report

This month, the much anticipated tax revaluation is occurring in both Dare & Currituck counties. North Carolina state law requires that all property be assessed every 8 years or sooner, to re-establish equity among all properties and to equalize the tax burden among all classes of property.  Read more